FAQ – Pet Cancer – Alternative Cancer Treatments

FAQ – Pet Cancer, Alternative Treatments

Pet Cancer Sites

It is not my intent to get into the issueof treating pets for cancer. What is my intent is to point the reader to those who have that expertise.

I have collected a few web sites that discuss and specialize in pet cancer alternative treatments. Also, I have received other links from those who have been so kind as to share them with me.

Since I have no direct expertise or experience in pet cancer, all I intend to do is receive links / clinics / etc. from others and post them to this web page. I do NOT know about dosages, so please don’t ask (ask your vendor). With all of this in mind, here are some links, some with comments.

One cancer treatment that I have noticed that is frequently used with pets is Essiac Tea. Here is an article, with vendors, for Essiac Tea:

Cesium chloride is a product widely used by humans on their cancers, especailly advanced cancers. Here is a vendor that has put together a package of products for pets. He has put together several very good base treatments, especially for advanced cancers. Of course, you can add most other pet cancer treatment products to this treatment.


I might add that Larry of Essense of Life is an expert on using his products on pets. For example, he uses an entirely different dose of cesium chloride on dogs of 100 pounds than he does on humans of an equal weight. Contact Larry about questions on his products.

One final note. I do NOT recommend the Breuss cancer treatment for pets. The laws of biology would state that it would still take 42 days for the treatment to work for pets, like it does for humans. However, pets should not be put on a 42 day fast.

Here is a site with a special Transfer Factor formula for cats (eg feline):

This is the feline-cancer holistic support group of Jim Hale, where there are a lot of other useful links

A ‘general’ feline-cancer support group, where alternative approaches are discussed

A group meant for people who have to deal with mammary cancer in their cat.

Here is the Dutch speaking feline-cancer support group of Christel Smit